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Gestational Art

Expecting a baby?

Gestational art is a design of your choice painted onto the baby bump during the third trimester.

The design is painted using water based paints designed for face and body art and is easily removed with soap and water.

This is a popular request for baby showers and private family occasions, and it makes a lovely addition to your baby album.

The design is usually bespoke to the mum-to-be and can incorporate anything, from the baby or parent names, flowers, animals or an attractive pattern. The ideas are endless.

The process can take 1-2 hours, depending upon the amount of detail in the design but it is generally found to be a relaxing experience. Mum-to-be is in a comfortable semi-reclined position on a bed or chair and frequent comfort breaks can be given.

You can take your own photographs during or at the end of the painting, or a professional photographer can be hired.

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