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Fund Raising from Mimica Designs

I used Jean for my Charity Event to raise money for Phabkids. The event was a 'Family Disco'. The designs were fantastic and all the children (even the older ones) had their faces painted and glitter tattoos. The parents were all amazed how fast she was and yet the faces were brilliant. There was so much lovely feedback to me about Jean. I would definitely use her again and recommend her greatly.

Kim Brewer

Mimica is pleased to support a range of charities by providing facepainting services to raise funds, examples are the MS Society, Tickled Pink (Breast Cancer), and the RSPCA.

The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA) is Mimica's main charity and we are committed to raising awareness of this very painful condition (see further details at the foot of this page). Mimica also support the Meniere's Society and Macular Society.

Macular Society Logo

Macular Society Logo.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK Logo

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Association UK Logo.

Menieres Disease Logo

Ménière's Society Logo.

Macular Society

Macular Society Logo

The Macular Society is a national charity for people with macular conditions, providing information and practical and emotional support to help people with macular disease, funding research into treatments and a cure to offer hope for the future. Macular disease is the most common cause of sight loss in the UK - it affects the central part of the retina and causes loss of central vision. Jean is a volunteer speaker for the Society and a volunteer trainer in Skills for Seeing, helping people to maximise their remaining vision through eccentric viewing and steady eye techniques.

You can contact Jean direct or through the Macular Society.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association

Trigeminal Neuralgia nerves

TN is an extremely severe facial pain that tends to come and go unpredictably in sudden shock-like attacks. The pain is often described as stabbing, shooting, excruciating, burning, extremely strong. The pain usually lasts for a few seconds, but there can be many bursts of pain in quick succession. It is a chronic disorder of the trigeminal nerve (or fifth cranial nerve) and affects about 8 people in 100,000.

There are two trigeminal nerves, one on each side of the face. They both have three branches or divisions (hence "tri..."). The first (Opthalmic) runs across the forehead and eye, the second (Maxillary) through the cheek, upper jaw, teeth and nose, and the third (Mandibular) through the lower jaw and teeth.

The aims of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK are to provide information and offer support to members, and to raise awareness of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) amongst medical professionals as well as the general public. Above all, they provide hope and encouragement for patients who can feel isolated and depressed as a result of this excruciatingly painful condition.

For further information visit the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK website -

Ménières Society - Helping people with dizziness and balance disorders

Graphic showing a swirling pattern with some of the symptoms of Menieres disease

Ménière's disease (MD) is a long term, progressive disease which damages both the balance and hearing parts of the inner ear. The main symptoms of the disease are vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss.

The main feature is intermittent attacks of vertigo (giddiness) associated with nausea and vomiting. Attacks can last from a few minutes to 24 hours during which there is a variable amount of hearing loss, a sensation of fullness and discomfort in the affected ear. There may be tinnitus (noises in the ear) or an increase in existing tinnitus in the ear. The attacks vary in severity and length. There can be giddiness lasting a few minutes to severe rotational vertigo with vomiting, causing the person to lie completely still for several hours. Remission between the attacks can vary from days to months or years; it is an unpredictable and distressing illness.

For further information visit the Menieres Society website -

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